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Spring Ordeal - ..was absolutely Fantastic! We had a great time, got lots of good work done on the camp, and welcomed in 17 new arrowmen, 7 Brotherhood members, and 1 Vigil. It ws a good time and a lot of fun too. We are looking forward to the Fall Ordeal in August.

Fall Ordeal - Being held 15-17 August at Camp Gorsuch. This is where we help cleanup from summer camps and close up the camp for the winter season. There is a lot of work to do to ensure everything is kept kept safe and in ggod condition through the winter, so come on out and help us work the camp AND welcome in our new arrowmen at the ordeal.

Come on out and join the fun, it promises to be a great weekend!

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100-300 Below Freezing Award -

Looks like Winter is about here and time to start racking up get those points!
For those scouts working toward this award, please follow these links:
Application & Rules - Certificate (suitable for framing - very large file - 74 Mb)

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