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Upcoming Events

SPRING FELLOWSHIP - The Spring Fellowship, will be held at Camp Carlquist, 28 - 30 March.  To honor the curious events in Sochi, we have selected "Olympics" as the theme this year.  But with better events, like, Dodge Ball Double Elimination Smack Down.
Along with the themed events, we will be holding a service project  in preparation for the opening of Cub Scout Summer Camp.  Throughout the year, we will be putting an emphasis on supporting our next generation of arrowmen and would like your help, where ever you can provide it.  Watch the website for more information as we develop and confirm the events schedule.
 If you would like to help plan and coordinate the individual events and/or the service project, please contact the Vice Chief, Matthew V.  The best way to get him is through e-mail:  vicechief@nanuk355.com.

Register early and bring some friends.  It will be a grand affair.

100-300 Below Freezing Award -

Looks like Winter is back and time to finish racking up get those points!
For those scouts working toward this award, please follow these links:
Application & Rules - Certificate (suitable for framing - very large file - 74 Mb)

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